Consulting and services for Life Science companies seeking to enter the Nordic and MENA regions

Global Pharma Consulting develops and executes market entry strategies that can include services such as:

• Advice on legal and regulatory issues
• Evaluations of agent or distributor contracts, and agent searches
• Contact meetings with health Ministers, politicians and decision makers
• Market and pricing research
• Cultural and socioeconomic guidance
• Logistics
• Tender writing
• Development of marketing material
• Industry networking events and trade shows

Regulation and risk:
Life Science companies entering foreign markets

As a sector, Life Science is highly regulated and with that comes risk. That risk quickly multiplies if a foreign company does not understand local compliance frameworks. As part of the market entry strategy, we identify areas of risk and formulate the best approach. We prepare you for your biggest challenges, current and future.

Our Team

The Global Pharma Consulting team includes highly skilled professionals with a deep understanding of the Life Science sector at global level. Each person brings a wealth of experience and insight into the territories in which we operate. We have worked with international pharmaceutical and medical device companies as well as smaller innovative companies. Learn more about our team and how we have come to sit at the forefront of Life Science consulting.

We also have a non-executive Advisory Board that assists with our overall business strategy and service development.

Market Research
Creating knowledge and giving you a long-term view of the issues you face today.

To ignore or abandon research is perhaps one of the most costly business mistakes a leader can make. Global Pharma Consulting’s research team is able to present a relevant perspective from which to make informed decisions about your Life Science business and the trends shaping the sector. Furthermore, in such a rapidly evolving market, the smart business leader is one who undertakes research annually, not just when business is quiet.

Global Pharma Consulting Events

View the highlights from The Innovation Pavilion by Sweden at Arab Heath 2020. In 2017, Global Pharma Consulting was the first private Swedish Life Science consulting firm to host a number of Swedish Life Science companies and experts on a single stand.


  • When Pond Healthcare Innovation launched AIR in 2014, we started working on our distribution strategy given the global scope for our product. After defining certain emerging markets that we wanted to break into, we contacted Global Pharma Consulting, knowing that they are the experts in MENA and their turnkey solution was exactly what we needed. They assisted with all pre-market entry research and analyses, and the KSA area was identified as our starting point.  From there, Global Pharma Consulting handled our product registration (Medtech Class 2b) as well as identifying a local partner, pricing negotiations and logistics support. Over the years, we have formed a unique relationship with Global Pharma Consulting, founded on mutual trust and we have come to view them as our external export department and “go to” guys for anything relating to Pond’s MENA business model. The advice we get is always of immense value and we have the greatest respect for their expertise and ability to grow a brand in the often challenging MENA region and culture. We are confident that our relationship will last for years and that Paula Hassoon and Raed Suhail will continue to add value every step of the way.
    Daniel Taub
    POND Healthcare Innovation
  • The aim of our participation in Arab Health 2017 was to find out more about the MENA-market and the potential need for our services. Global Pharma was a great help in this aim and was always keen to “walk that extra mile” to help us succeed. The Swedish Academy of Pharmaceutical Science (SAPS) is the leading national provider of continuous professional development in Sweden and is offering courses within the field of medicinal drugs.
    Marie Eklund
  • Thomas Lööw
    When we identified KSA as a priority market to enter in the MENA region, we started a collaboration agreement with Global Pharma Consulting to help us enter this dynamic but difficult market. We decided on their Turnkey Solution service where we get our product classified/registered, a partner search where we evaluated and met three potential partners and selected one of them. Global Pharma Consulting assisted us with meetings both here in Europe and in KSA, with negotiating the agreement and prices, and gave us valuable advice on logistic challenges and with export documentation/legalization. Without knowledge about legal and regulatory requirements, business culture in the Middle East, background checks on different local partners and how logistics works in the region, you are quite lost. Thanks to Global Pharma Consulting’s professional guidance and services, just 5 months after the project started we delivered our first container to our distributor in KSA.
    Thomas Lööw