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16th October 2017
Global Pharma Consulting intern
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13th December 2017
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Global Pharma Consulting intern


Ana Lukic, a Ph.D. student at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden is on a mission to stop the second cause of death in the world. Now that she’s almost at the end of her academic pursuits it is time to take a hard look beyond Karolinska.

Not all of Ana’s decisions were difficult, for example choosing where to earn her Ph.D. and what to study. Born in the former Yugoslavia to a Croatian father and Macedonian mother she moved to Sweden after making Italy a second home with her family. “I decided to stay in Stockholm for my Ph.D., and Karolinska was a natural choice since it’s the top university in Sweden for biomedical research”, Ana explains.

As a child, I had asthma and we have lost family members to lung cancer”, Ana reveals. This is a very personal reason for choosing to study inflammation, and immunology of lung-related diseases. Ana adds, “It is one of the most challenging research fields where you never get bored and there’s a lot of work and research to do”!

In addition to its top academic ranking, the unique career service at Karolinska Institute facilitates professional work experience. Ana became interested in joining Global Pharma Consulting for an internship due to her, “love of the multi-cultural environment at Karolinska”. “I was naturally drawn to Global Pharma Consulting thanks to their strong international imprint”, she says. “Consulting is far from the comfort zone represented by academia, and I was looking for a new challenge”, she confirms.

Ana began working on the planning for The Innovation Pavilion by Sweden during her first day as an intern at Global Pharma Consulting. The Pavilion debuts at the Arab Health 2018 Conference in Dubai in January. “I reviewed and distributed the invitation to Swedish Life Science companies as well as had a part in the promotional brochure for Arab Health 2018. I was trusted with maintaining contact with the companies in Dubai constructing the Pavillion, and enjoyed interacting with clients”, Ana reports.

This experience has helped Ana learn what knowledge and expertise she lacks should she choose a career in consulting. “It takes a short time to realize the power of Global Pharma Consulting”, Ana says. “I have learned that it is not the number of people, but the quality and expertise, that makes a company valuable. Global Pharma Consulting provides a solid bridge between Scandinavia and the MENA region and it covers an incredibly vast range of services that Life science companies may need. As the first Ph.D. student from Karolinska to hold an internship here, I can definitely recommend this placement to my colleagues”, she concludes.

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