Advisory Board

The Global Pharma Consulting Advisory Board is a non-executive Board that assists with overall business development and gives expert advice on challenges we face.

The team is made up of  highly respected and skilled professionals, each with a different area of expertise and a different network relevant to our regions and Life Science services. It is a privilege to have access to their skills (and minds!) and Global Pharma Consulting is fortunate to have a Board that is so invested in our long term outlook.

Advisory Board Dr. Ahmed Almushatat

Dr. Ahmed Almushatat

Consultant Urological Surgeon

MBchB, FRCS (Edinburgh), MSC ( Glasgow University), FRCS (Urology)

Ahmad is a Consultant Urological Surgeon at University hospital The Royal London Hospital. He has a sub-specialist interest in the surgical management of male infertility, including surgical sperm retrieval and microscopic reversal of vasectomies as well as minimally invasive urology for both cancer and non-cancer conditions. He has conducted research in prostate cancer. He is a member of the European Association of Urologists and the British Association of Urological Surgeons.
Ahmad has a passionate interest in photography and poetry and is the author of two poetry books. In his spare time he likes to participate in poetry reading groups, both locally and internationally. He also has a keen interest in film and multimedia and has taken courses in creative writing.

Thony Björk

Twenty years’ experience as Vice President Communications at Apoteket AB, The National Corporation of Swedish Pharmacies and from 2007 as Vice President Corporate international relations. Since 2014 as Vice President and Senior advisor Pharmaceutical Affairs and International relations.

Between 1989-1995 Thony held a position as Deputy Managing Director and Head of Publishing Department as well as Chief Editor and legally responsible publisher of “Svensk Farmaceutisk Tidskrift” (Swedish Pharmaceutical Journal) today “Läkemedelsvärlden” (The Swedish Drug World) at Apotekarsocieteten, The Swedish Pharmaceutical Society. He also has experience from Läkemedelsindustriföreningen, LIF, The Association of the Swedish Pharmaceutical Industry, with drug information, and was the first editor of “Patient-Fass”, the drug reference book for the general public.

2012–: Swedish Medical Products Agency, Member of Advisory Board
2010-2016: Swedish Pharmacists Association, President
2004-2016: FIP Foundation, Director (2004-2012) Chair (2012-2016)
1995- 2016: FIP (International Pharmaceutical Federation), Council member (1995 – 2016) Vice President (2008-2016).
1995-2015: PGEU (the Pharmaceutical Group of European Community), President (2009), Member of Advisory Board (1995-2015)


Advisory Board
Advisory Board

Therese Nyren

CEO, Hjärtner & Partner

Therese obtained her graduate in Bachelor of Business Administration from Uppsala University in 1999. She is an ambitious, business driven, social and dedicated senior banker with 14+ years experience in the finance industry. She has great networking skills and has created a broad network in the financial sector. Her wide area of competence includes retail banking, trading, risk management, financial sales and portfolio management.

In 2017, she became CEO of Hjärtner & Partner which offers everything related to private finance and excess liquidity, and courses on trading as well as pension savings, credit and mortgage loans.

Previous positions
2007-2015 Nordea Private Banking Private Banker, Uppsala and Stockholm
2007-2006 Öhman International Sales, Stockholm
2006-2005 Credit Suisse Financial Analyst, London
2001-2005 Nordea Personal Service, Account ManagerUppsala and Stockholm
2000-2001 Net Doktor Content Sales, Stockholm

Born in Uppsala in 1973, Therese currently lives in Stockholm with her husband Niklas Nyren and two children. She is interested in entrepreneurship and Wealth Management.

Michael Silfverberg

Angel Investor at Silfvergruppen AB

Michael has many years of experience in the investment business area and holds several board positions in a variety of different companies.
Advisory Board
Annika Tengvall

Annika Tengvall


Director of Post Graduate Education at Swedish Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Annika took her graduate in Pharmacy from Uppsala University in 1981 and has since been active in the Life Science area. She worked as a product developer at Pharmacia and in sales and marketing as a product specialist in AstraZeneca. Annika served several years as a pharmacist at Apoteket AB. Since 2003 Annika has also been active in pharmaceutical education, first as a lecturer at Umeå University and at the Swedish Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences since 2009.

2006 – Elected councilor Tryggstiftelsen
2005 – 2009 Board member and Chairman, The Swedish Pharmaceutical Society, Section for Community Pharmacy