Join the Global Pharma Consulting Internship Programme

Our Internship Program offers local and international students and young professionals the chance to see an international business consultancy at work, and offers invaluable life skills and professional experience when formally entering the world of work.

We truly believe that our interns are an asset and that each person contributes to our success and brand development, while also being exposed to a real-world work philosophy and international problem solving. It is not unusual for even our clients to comment on what our interns bring to the table.

Over the years our interns have come from various backgrounds such as international marketing, B2B sales, digital marketing, psychology, economy, Life Science, and from different universities and institutes such as Stockholm’s School of Economics, IHM Business School and the Karolinska Institute.

Drop us a line to learn more and apply for the internship that will truly give you a solid foundation from which to plot your career.

Below is some feedback from some of our amazing interns who have spent time with Global Pharma Consulting.

Cassie Feldman

Junior at Tufts University (USA), studying abroad at the Swedish Program at the Stockholm School of Economics

There were many reasons why I wanted to intern at Global Pharma Consulting. I was interested in gaining experience in health care and the business world, and interning in Sweden and getting the opportunity to see how different cultures work and different perspectives was another huge opportunity for me. My primary motivation was gaining real world international experience. I was with Global Pharma Consulting from September to December and my day to day roles included working on and reconstructing the database of distributors in the Middle East. I also helped with the English edits for the website.

This internship really helped me see how a small Swedish consulting company works and the amount of effort that goes into the business. I am especially interested in health care so it gave me the opportunity to view international health care in not just Sweden but also the Middle East, and also to observe the differences in these territories compared to health care in America. I would 100 percent recommend the same internship to other young professionals as it gives real world experience and the chance to work directly with highly experiences CEOs. Five years from now I will remember how welcoming and helpful everyone at Global Pharma Consulting was to me and how they wanted to make sure I got the most out of my internship with them.

Elena Jones

Psychology major at Davidson College in North Carolina, USA

I was excited to work in an international business setting in order to gain exposure to the field of consulting so I spent September to December at Global Pharma Consulting, during my semester studying abroad in Stockholm. I was tasked with compiling a comprehensive database of Scandinavian companies that might have been interested in market entry in the Middle East. The exercise gave me valuable skills on how to synthesize information well, and also on how to perform quick and effective online searches.

I had never been in a consulting environment so I learned a lot about the industry from just being at Global Pharma. I would definitely recommend the intern program to others as it is very professional yet open and friendly environment. I was able to take ownership of a project and I feel like I made lasting contribution in the few months I was there. I will always remember the kindness that the people at Global Pharma showed me, and how willing they were to answer questions about the industry and their business. It was great exposure to a business environment and an enriched my time abroad.

Sara Hussain

Master Programme in Political Science, Uppsala University

My motivation for joining the Global Pharma Consulting internship programme was Paula Hassoon and Raed Suhail’s dedication and passion for their work. Although I lack knowledge of their business, the internship helped me develop and enhance characteristics within myself that will help me in my future career. For instance, being more accessible, cooperating with different types of people, how to act in professional settings, being compliant and flexible when needed, and remaining calm and supportive when sudden obstacles appear. As professionals and great leaders, both Paula and Raed helped strengthen my confidence by supporting me throughout my time at Global Pharma Consulting. Leaving Global Pharma Consulting, I feel empowered and self-assured to take on any future job that I feel passionate about.

Consequently, through my internship with Global Pharma Consulting, five years from now I will remember the remarkable people I got the privilege of meeting and cherish all the opportunities given to me by my amazing supervisors Paula and Raed, and not to forget all the friends I made. It is not often one can leave a workplace with solely an optimistic impression and that is why I am obliged to recommend this internship programme to anyone with a thirst for knowledge and who has high ambitions of evolving their character.

Thank you Global Pharma Consulting!