Life Science opportunities in the MENA region

GCC, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Maghreb countries

In many MENA-countries, e.g the GCC-countries (Gulf Cooperation Council), Life Science markets are seeing unprecedented growth but with this rapid expansion comes a more complex and regulated business environment which can be daunting for individual companies.

By collaborating with Global Pharma Consulting, clients have a far quicker and smoother route to market entry, benefiting from our vast insight into today's Life Science sector, our deep understanding of the business environment and our extensive network.

Our competitive advantage lies in our ability to consult on the full spectrum of Life Science products and services, including medtech, pharmaceutical, generics, laboratory devices, E-health solutions, food supplements and cosmetics/ derma products etc.



Navigating the cultural requirements for doing business in the region

We also understand the multi-faceted approach required to do business in the MENA region and our clients have peace of mind knowing that their strategy is linguistically, culturally and commercially relevant.

Retaining market position after entry

After successful roll out in the region, a business still needs a local strategy to maintain its position and grow market share over time. Global Pharma Consulting has a number of business continuity services to ensure long term success in the MENA region. We are able to assist in areas such as new Tender proposals, evaluation of agency and distributorship agreements, and local media and marketing support. Should your products get stuck in the complex regulatory process, we can also assist in kick-starting the registration through our well developed MENA network. We also keep abreast of any changes in local compliance and regulation on your behalf and, by keeping you informed, we protect your brand and your IP.

Global Pharma Consulting's business delegations to the MENA region

Throughout the year we conceptualize a series of business delegations whereby we accompany two or three clients to the MENA region. A series of one on one business meetings and networking events with relevant audiences and potential stakeholders are arranged in advance and our role is to add value through our local knowledge and contacts. Chat to us directly about our MENA business delegation calendar and let's plan your trip into this exciting and diverse region.


The Anglo Nordic Pavilion - participant feedback


MENA Events

The Anglo Nordic Pavilion, Arab Health

A key annual event for Global Pharma Consulting is the Arab Health Expo in Dubai - the second biggest medical expo in the world.

In 2017, we were the first private Swedish Life Science consulting firm to host a number of Swedish Life Science companies and experts on a single stand, and with support from Swedish government. The Anglo Nordic Pavilion was a landmark event for us and, based on the positive feedback from participants with regards to the high-value networking which the event enabled, this will become an annual event for us.

Drop us a line to book your space or enquire about opportunities at Arab Health 2018 (29 Jan - 1 Feb 2018). Our event preparations will start in August 2017 and our clients are advised to start planning early as the Nordic pavilion space sells fast!