Our Team

Global Pharma Consulting’s skilled team is able to consult on the entire spectrum of Life Science products and services.

As consultants, we all have a deep understanding of the sector and have broad experience gained from working with international pharmaceutical companies and medical device companies in areas such as sales, marketing, regulatory affairs, pricing and the health economy, in Sweden, Scandinavia and Africa.

Paula Hassoon
Paula HassoonCEO
Global Pharma Consulting founder and CEO Paula Hassoon Paula has a vast knowledge of every area of Life Science businesses. She is skilled at understandithe client’s hurdles before conceptualizing turnkey solutions for the quickest routes to market, supported by other innovative business development tools designed to retain market share in the long term.

Paula is respected for her insight and deep understanding of what it takes for companies and individuals to succeed in Life Science. Not one to stand still, Paula continually grows the company’s global footprint and refines the Global Pharma Consulting offering as the clients’ needs evolve and new trends shape the sector.

Paula is a licensed Pharmacist with a MSc in Bio Science and Pharmacy from Uppsala Universitet (2004), and a Strategic Marketing qualification from IHM Business School (2008) in Sweden. She has over 10 years’ experience in the Life Science industry, in particular pharmacies, pharmaceuticals and the medical device industry. Prior to launching Global Pharma Consulting in 2013, Paula held a number of management positions with some of the biggest names in global healthcare, including Apoteket AB, Schering-Plough, Bayer Schering Pharma, Boehringer Ingelheim, Pharmexx, PharmaRelations and Nordic InfuCare.

Raed Suhail
Raed SuhailGeneral Manager
Raed’s early career was in Electrical Power engineering in Mälardalens Högskola however his strong entrepreneurial instinct is what guided his professional life from a young age. While still at school, he launched his first business with his father and then after university, Raed moved into distribution and imports, mainly in the food sector. This gave him great exposure to emerging economies such as India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Iraq, UAE, Saudi Arabia and also Eastern Europe. Raed then went into food production, managing the biggest rice mill in Northern Europe with a heavy focus on exports into Eastern and Central Europe and the Middle East.
In 2009 Raed decided to pursue full time business development consulting and his logistics experience in the regions in which Global Pharma Consulting operates is an invaluable tool for clients looking to enter the MENA region. He also consults in other sectors, including security, food and construction.
Claire Adlam
Claire AdlamPR Manager
Claire Adlam has been in PR and media for over 20 years, with key roles on media and brand strategies for clients in South Africa, UK, Sweden, China and Zimbabwe, both in the corporate world and in PR agencies. Such broad experience means she knows what makes media tick and how to get their attention with the right kind of writing. Claire is also skilled at the creative side of brand development and at Global Pharma Consulting, she handles all the graphic design for the PR and marketing content. Where Global Pharma Consulting’s clients need guidance on their own media and communications strategies, Claire is available to work with the client to conceptualize the marketing and PR material needed when entering new markets or seeking to maintain market share.
Lena Mauritzdotter Finance Manager
Lena handles all the day-to-day finance and accounting duties at Global Pharma Consulting.