Developing the market entry strategy

Engagement and rollout in new territories

Ongoing support

Whether you are in the early planning stages of taking your Life Science company into the regions in which we specialize or if you are already successfully established and merely looking to maintain your position or grow market share, Global Pharma Consulting offers a number of different consulting services to support your business strategy.

Our consultants take time to determine your specific needs and understand your longer-term strategy. From there we tailor the timelines and scope of work accordingly. From identifying the decision makers relevant to you, to registration processes, translations and ensuring you have the appropriate marketing material, everything we do is about opening doors on your behalf .

We continually add new services as the markets change and we believe in developing agile strategies that allow our clients to respond quickly and which enable a proactive approach.

At Global Pharma Consulting we take a phased approach, investing time and resources in every step to ensure the strategy rollout is optimized and straightforward.

Taking a strategic view of the planned market entry

  • Strategy: which country and why
  • Advice on legal and regulatory processes
  • Marketing plans for MENA / GCC / specific markets for manufacturers and / or distributors
  • Price analysis
  • Market research and Business Intelligence
  • Cultural and socioeconomic insight

Deploying the market entry process

  • Partner searches (agent, importer and/or distributor)
  • Handling of registrations process for medtech products
  • Handling of the approval process for pharmaceutical products
  • Contact and meetings with decision-makers and KOL
  • Tenders
  • Cultural and socioeconomic guidance

Business support during and after market entry

  • Translations (mainly Arabic and Kurdish, also Farsi)
    ~ Medical / pharmaceutical documents / IFU
    ~ Business proposal/company presentations
    ~Invoices / custom documents
  • Logistic advice and solutions (in-house expert)
  • Export / import / custom documents
  • Legalization of documents
  • Documentations and administrative assistance

Other services

  • MENA/GCC-region agent

We can also assist by acting as a local agent for certain services and products, either for the entire MENA-region or specific countries in MENA.

  • Tailor-made smaller business delegations

Starting with 2 or 3 companies or more. Our delegations can focus on specific areas such as diabetes, CV, eHealth etc, in any MENA country of interest.

  • Exhibitions

We have a strong presence at many industry trade shows, including Arab Health and Medica. Partnering with us takes the hassle out of trade events, leaving you free to focus on networking while we handle the rest.

Active in all Life Science clusters