Why work with us?

Deep understanding of all Life Science Clusters

Access to a global network of healthcare professionals, brands and innovators

Knowledge of regulatory frameworks

Why work with us? At Global Pharma Consulting we set ourselves apart from other consultancies with our combination of broad experience in the life science sector, our insight into the MENA and Nordic region, and knowledge of what it takes to enter and grow a brand in these business landscapes.

It is hard to find a single private consultancy offering not just solutions and support for the entire spectrum of services required by the typical Life Science company but also with such a deep understanding of region-specific market entry processes. This skills set is now widely recognized by the Swedish government and semi-government departments and initiatives.

Understanding the client’s needs

We understand that all companies operate in different business conditions and that the strategy, resources, and brand position all impact the new market entry process. We invest a lot of time in listening to your unique needs so we can better understand your company and pain points, and then build the best strategy to give you an immediate competitive edge when entering the new market. Regardless of how complex or simple your needs are, Global Pharma Consulting approaches each project with a high level of personalization and attention to detail.

Culturally appropriate communication

As a multi-territory consultancy, we know that each country and area requires a clear understanding of the local business landscape. Cultural knowledge is an integral part of success and one of the single biggest mistakes a company can make with their market entry strategy is to assume that an approach that is suited to Europe is also suited to the Middle East. We have spent years building up our networks in each region and we know how to effectively communicate with your future business partner, the authorities who will approve/register your product and how to build the other stakeholder relationships you will need for a smooth market entry. Let Global Pharma Consulting navigate the often complex cultural requirements for you.

Experienced professionals

We have a team of experienced and qualified consultants based in both Sweden and the other countries in which we operate such as Iraq, UAE and Saudi Arabia, and Global Pharma Consulting is one of the few Life Science companies that covers all of Iraq including Kurdistan. We all have vast experience and have aligned ourselves to local partners with in depth knowledge of regulatory processes in each country, which directly impacts the speed and efficiency of all our services.

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